Certifications: SBA 8(a), MDOT, MWAA LDBE, MWVCP DBE, Howard Co., MBE, and LEED 

Jenn Kans, Inc.

About Jenn Kans, Inc.

In 2004, our founder and president, Jennifer Brown, formed the company to attain the dream of running a waste management business. Jenn Kans, Inc. holds a host of waste collection and recycling contracts with clients from private, local, and federal governments. We take pride in being an MBE-certified company, as well as holding certifications from SBA 8(a), MDOT, MWAA LDBE, MWVCP DBE, Howard Co., and LEED. 


Commercial, municipal, and industrial customers with the highest volume of municipal waste being generated in the US trust us as one of the leading providers of solid waste collection services. We are rapidly positioning to operate in partnership with communities and private industries in order to develop comprehensive services and solutions to a dynamic waste management requirement area. 

About Our Owner

Jennifer Brown has over 17 years of personnel management and over 15 years of waste management administration experience. Additionally, she has provided oversight of direct fiscal supervision and human resources for more than 40 personnel. Mrs. Brown handles contracts and can communicate with the government for any and all contractual and operational concerns. 

Why Customers Partner With Us

▣ Proven Customer Satisfaction 

▣ Outstanding and Competitive Rates 

▣ High-Quality Products 

▣ Solid, Efficient Waste Collection Services 

▣ Ability to Understand Complex Collection Needs 

▣ Professional Delivery System of Services 

▣ Desire to Work With Customers to Address Varied Concerns